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Brady Custom Homes feels that building a home shouldn’t be a dreaded process, on the contrary we feel that it should be an exciting and pleasurable experience watching the ideals you have for your home become a reality.  Therefore we go to great lengths to insure the best possible pricing from all of our subcontractors and suppliers to keep more money on the table for our clients to spend at their pleasure on the final interior details of their home.
Brady Custom Homes is a family owned business with very low overhead and we are able to offer our service at a lower rate than most other custom home builders, the exact cost will depend on the design features of the home and the site preparation of the property, all of our cost are very transparent and made available to our clients, in fact our clients get copies of all transactions prior to any funds disbursements, this practice lets our customers know actually where and how their dollars have been spent giving them a greater peace of mind knowing they have access to their records at any given time.